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makeITfair is a European project focusing on the electronics industry, especially on consumer electronics like mobile phones, laptops and MP3 players. We want to let young people across Europe know about the labour abuses and environmental problems that are going on right now around the world – just to satisfy our demand for all the latest electronic gadgets. And we want young people to get active to improve the situation. Together we can hold big brand electronics companies to account – asking them to take responsibility for the labour abuses and environmental damage at the bottom of their supply chain.


makeITfair is co-ordinated by the Dutch organisation SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations). Project partners are SwedWatch and Fair Trade Center from Sweden, FinnWatch and Pro Ethical Trade Finland from Finland; DanWatch from Denmark, Germanwatch from Germany, Association of Conscious Consumers (ACC) from Hungary, ACIDH from the DR Congo, CIVIDEP from India, Workers Assistance Center (WAC) from the Philippines and Civil Society Research and Support Collective (CSRSC) from South Africa.



Many organisations support the makeITfair campaign and integrate the goals of makeITfair into their own campaigning activities.




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What do we want from the companies? See our demands

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