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makeITfair campaigners

Many organisations support the makeITfair campaign and integrate the goals of makeITfair into their own campaigning activities.



BDKJ - Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (Germany)


Church of Sweden
Church of Sweden works for a just world without hunger, poverty or oppression. Church of Sweden works to exert an influence on public opinion in Sweden and with development co-operation and emergency relief together with local partners in about 40 countries.


Ecumenical Academy Prague (Czech Republic)


EPIZ - Entwicklungspolitisches Bildungs- und Informationszentrum (Germany)


FairPhone wants to see a fair cellphone on the market. One of which all parts were produced and used without causing harm to human or environment. From batteries to sim cards and protective covers: everything will be fair!


The federation of Dutch trade unions


Gemeindejugendwerk (Germany)



Jongeren Milieu Actief (JMA) is the environmental organisation for young people in the Netherlands. In a creative and positive way JMA tackles themes such as sustainable food, energy or international justice, providing alternatives for a cleaner and more sustainable world!


KARAT (Poland)
A regional coalition of organizations and individuals that works to ensure gender equality in the Central & Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States countries. The coalition conducts research, capacity building, awareness raising and lobbying activities focusing on the needs and concerns of women in the Region related to their economic situation. Situation of women on the labour market and working conditions of women across the region are one of the main themes addressed by the Coalition.  KARAT members include NGOs from 22 countries.


Luonto-Liitto - Nature League (Finland)
A nation-wide non-governmental nature and environmental protection organization for children and the youth. Its mission is a society where natural biodiversity the intrinsic value of nature is acknowledged and respected. They offer knowledge, experiences and activities, and create possibilities for young people to influence and participate to environmental decision-making processes.


Morgen (The Netherlands)
Morgen is the national student organization for sustainable development in the Netherlands. It organizes various activities, events and projects for Dutch students to make them aware of the importance of sustainable development. “Morgen” has lobbying projects at universities to make them choose for more sustainable solutions.


MS ActionAid (Denmark)
MS ActionAid Denmark works for just and democratic governance and empowerment of the world's poorest. MS is associated to ActionAid International. Together, we fight poverty in more than 40 countries. MS ActionAid Denmark will contribute to the campaign by motivating our fair-trade volunteer network among young people at Universities and High Schools to take action to make IT fair.


Nationale Jeugdraad - The Dutch Youth Council (The Netherlands)
The Dutch Youth Council is a coordinating organization that supports the voice of and acts as a focal point for youth between 12 and 30 years old in the Netherlands.


Norwegian Church Aid
Norwegian Church Aid is a voluntary, ecumenical organisation that works to promote the basic rights of human beings. In order to achieve lasting results we work in three ways: Long-term development projects, emergency preparedness and response and advocacy. Norwegian Church Aid seeks to influence the decisions made by authorities and businesses with regard to issues that affect the political, economic and social rights of the poor.


Swedish Red Cross Youth
The Swedish Red Cross Youth is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and exists to prevent and alleviate human suffering.


The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK
The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK is a widely representative solidarity body of the Finnish trade union movement with two central organisations and 30 national federation as affiliated members. The function of SASK is to strengthen trade unions in every corner of the world.


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