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Dialogue with companies

One of the ways we work on improving worker conditions and avoiding environmental damage in the Electronics industry is by talking to companies. We do this in Round Table discussions (see reports below) and in individual meetings with companies. Another way is by informing investors, who are interested in investing responsibly and who will influence companies to act more responsibly. See the series of information sheets for Responsible Investors.

Workers’ rights in the global electronics sector : Round Table May 9-10, 2012

This Round Table - Fair Electronics -, which took place on 9-10 May 2012, brought together representatives of the electronics industry and civil society organisations, including trade unions, from around the globe. Key themes were trends and consequences in contract labour and wage issues in the global electronics industry. Freedom of association, collective bargaining, position of employment agencies, migrant labour, grievance mechanisms, workers’ training were some of the topics discussed.

The focus of the Round Table was on discussing the different perspectives of the various actors and on defining common ground for action towards lasting improvement of labour conditions.

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Round Table for the Electronics Industry and Civil Society Organisations, May 7-8, 2009

Improving Labour Standards in the Global Electronics Industry
Defining Strategies that Work

About 25 corporate participants representing a host of different electronics companies and as many as 35 representatives of civil society organisations gathered in Amsterdam for a round table meeting. Different branches of the electronics industry were present, such as brand name companies, manufacturers and telecom providers, as well as business’ CSR initiatives Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). Civil society was represented by organisations as diverse as Southern trade unions, the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF), the European Metalworkers Federation (EMF), European campaigning organisations, shareholder activists and many other NGOs.

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International Roundtable 18 January 2008 Brussels

Linking Extractives to Consumer Electronics: Responsibilities of Electronics Companies down the Supply Chain

An International Roundtable was held in Brussels on 18 January 2008 to present new research by makeITfair, exposing widespread exploitation of workers, human rights abuses and massive environmental damage in regions where metals and minerals crucial for electronic products are sourced. This Roundtable, as part of the makeITfair project, exposed the harsh reality of the connection between the mining industry and electronic products. Electronics companies, NGOs, trade unions, and researchers from industrialised and developing countries listened to the research evidence and discussed ways of tackling the problems.

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