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For students aged 14-16, with teachers manual

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The makeITfair campaign wants young people across Europe to know about labour abuses and environmental problems in the supply chain for the electronics industry. We want young people to get active and make a difference!

Our specially-designed webquest challenges students to be a critical consumer. Through this lens, students can take a good look at the whole production chain in the mobile phone market. While they focus attention on appearance and goals, they are also learning about issues such as working conditions or environmental problems along the supply chain. And they are able to form an opinion.


Who is the webquest for?

The webquest is suitable for 14 to 16-year-old students. It takes one hour to complete (without additional assignments) and is relevant for social studies, geography and economy.


Where can I find it?

The webquest is available free of charge, just log on to There is a downloadable worksheet for students, as well as a teacher’s manual and different brochures for students to use in class. For more detailed information, teachers can consult the summaries of makeITfair’s research. Printed brochures, summaries and posters can be ordered for free from or by phone on +31 206391291.



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