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Alliander, a Dutch company specialised in energy distribution, has elaborated a CSR policy which includes advanced notions on supply chain responsibility. In its policy, Alliander states to respect the law and the universal human rights, and expects its partners and suppliers to do the same. Alliander states to take responsibility for the protection of people and the environment during the realisation of products and services that Alliander uses and delivers to its customers. This philosophy is implemented in Alliander’s operational management. Alliander applies the Brundtland definition of sustainability. Standards and norms that Alliander refers to include: OESO, ILO and ISO 26000. Alliander has also developed a Code of Conduct for its suppliers.

Alliander is bound to EU procurement regulations and has committed to comply with the criteria for sustainable public procurement as established by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (Agentschap.NL, previously known as SenterNovem). The Agentschap.NL criteria for IT are, however, limited to energy savings (Energy Star). To go beyond this, Alliander is developing its own social and environmental criteria for ICT hardware, on the basis of guidance provided by Procure IT fair / SOMO. Alliander is set on including criteria on human rights and labour conditions throughout the value chain, use of toxic components, design for recycling and energy use. Alliander is considering to ask bidders to sign a Letter of Intent  as recommended by Procure IT Fair.

Recent calls for tenders for IT hardware were put out in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, a five-year contract was won by service provider Fujitsu Services for the yearly delivery of 1.500 laptops plus support services. In 2010, tenders for mobile phones and copiers and printers were put out. The requirement to sign the Alliander Supplier Code of Conduct was introduced as a knock-out criterion. Although non-compliance with the contract clauses is a basis for annulling the contact, monitoring of compliance with the contract clauses is not yet well established. Alliander aims for continuous dialogue and cooperation on CSR issues with its IT suppliers.

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