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In the context of the Procure IT Fair project, SOMO has made an effort to collect information on public institutions and other organisations in Europe that actively engage in the sustainable public procurement of IT hardware. We are presenting here examples of procurement of IT hardware that takes into account social considerations, such as adherence to the ILO Core Conventions for the benefit of public purchasers, policy makers and other interested parties. These examples illustrate what is possible within the framework of the European Procurement Directives (Directive 2004/17/EC and Directive 2004/18/EC).

The Procure IT Fair project aimed at enhancing the use of social criteria in public procurement. Within the course of this three-year project, Procure IT Fair has conducted research into legal and policy frameworks that currently exist in a number of European countries. A Buyers Guide with guidance on social criteria for IT procurement was published. Throughout Europe, Procure IT Fair worked intensively with public institutions to push for the sustainable public procurement of IT hardware

The examples presented here include cases of public authorities and other organisations formulating social criteria in tendering procedures. Such social criteria may be included on the level of the award criteria or in the contract performance clauses. Examples include the city of Zurich (Switzerland), Stuttgart (Germany), Baerum (Norway) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS (France).

There are also examples of public authorities and other organisations developing progressive policies regarding sustainable public procurement by including references to social and labour issues, including working conditions throughout the supply chain. Such policies may not yet have been implemented in actual tenders, but at least the framework is in place. Examples include Manresa (Spain), Düsseldorf and Berlin (Germany), Bern (Switzerland), as well as energy distributor Alliander (the Netherlands).

Not all examples presented here are as ambitious as the approach propagated by Procure IT Fair. The innovative and progressive examples we were looking for are still hard to find. Sustainable public procurement of IT hardware is not yet happening on the scale that we hoped. In Eastern and Central Europe, for example, sustainable public procurement is not yet put into practice. Also we experienced that is not easy to get this information. It is not easily found in the public domain, and public authorities and other organisations do not always like to share tender documents.

To illustrate the examples, we have uploaded relevant background documents, including, where possible, original tender documents.

SOMO will continue to work on sustainable public procurement of IT hardware. This site will be maintained and information will be updated.

Your comments are welcome, and you are invited to share relevant information with us. Please contact us at, mentioning ‘Procure IT Fair’.




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