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Hansel Ltd

Hansel Oy or Hansel Ltd is the central procurement unit of the Finnish Government. It is an expert organisation with 55 staff members, which puts products and services required by the public administration out to tender and maintains the related framework agreements. The ICT Procurement Unit manages and develops framework contracts related to ICT hardware, software and services used by Finnish public administration bodies as well as by universities. In 2009, ICT purchases were made for a total of 170 million euro. For environmental criteria, Hansel references to the EU Green Public Procurement Toolkit. Social criteria, however, are a relatively new topic for Hansel as well as for its potential ICT suppliers. To explore this new area, Hansel is making use of the Procure IT Fair’s Buyers’ Guide.

In April 2010, Hansel kicked off a new tendering process to come to a framework agreement for desktop computers, notebooks, monitors and related services for public institutions. The tendering process included dialoguing about social and environmental criteria with customers (public institutions) and potential suppliers. During this technical dialogue phase potential suppliers were sounded out about their willingness to give information about principles on sustainable procurements and decent working conditions throughout the supply chain. Hansel mentions to have given out a strong signal to the IT industry, making clear that from now on the public sector is going to take social issues into account in procurement.

Concretely, Hansel included an optional question in this tender inquiring whether companies comply with the ILO conventions 29 and 105 (forced labour), 138 and 182 (child labour), 131 (minimum wage), 1 and 30 (hours of work), 87 and 98 (freedom of association and protection of the right to organize), 100 and 111 (discrimination), 115, 155 and 170 (occupational safety and health), and 158 (termination of employment). In response, all bidders gave a statement of conforming to all of these conventions.

Subsequently, the following companies won the tender:

  • Dell (for desktop computers, notebooks, monitors, special monitors and ruggedised laptops)
  • Fujitsu (desktop computers, notebooks and monitors),
  • Hewlett Packard (idem)
  • Lenovo (idem)
  • Samsung ( special monitors)
  • Benq (idem)
  • Eagle Data (for ruggedised laptops)
  • Kaukomarkkinat (idem)


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