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Manresa (Catalunya)

The Spanish city of Manresa aims to be a pioneer with regard to sustainable development. In its 2008-2011 Municipal Action Plan Manresa laid down its goals to promote and enable fair trade, responsible consumption, social and economic international solidarity, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the part of local and regional companies. Sustainable procurement is an important element within this broader political framework. A committee for sustainable procurement has been established, as well as designated purchasing and contracting offices to guide the practical implementation of Manresa’s sustainable procurement policies. With regard to sustainable IT, the city is promoting the extension of the life of computers by donating used equipment, the proper clean-up of e-waste, and the use of recycled paper. Manresa encourages its civil service to print less and to minimise electricity and paper usage. ILO norms are referred to in tendering contracts, but not (yet) taken up as exclusion or award criteria. For future tenders for IT hardware Manresa intends to implement the social and environmental criteria that are proposed in the Procure IT Fair Buyers Guide.


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