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Take action

Activities YOU can do:

  • Join our makeITfair Facebook group
  • Support us by changing your facebook profile picture to the makeITfair logo
  • Follow us on Twitter. Retweet our messages or send your own ones. Post everyday a few messages to get the buzz going.
  • Invite your friends and family to join your (facebook and twitter) - thousands of people around the world will share the message and generate lots of attention!
  • Get to know the facts about how and where mobile phones and other electronics products are made in our leaflets and reports!
  • If you are buying a new mobile phone or electronic gadget, ask where it was produced and whether good social and environmental standards were followed!
  • Before you decide to buy a new product, think whether you can make do with your old one for another year or two! If you can’t reuse your old one, take it to a recycling point or leave it in the shop.

Other makeITfair actions

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