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This action has now closed. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the campaign, which helped to push for more responsible mining of metals for the electronics industry.

One of the biggest successes of makeITfair so far is that many companies have listened to our concerns about the appalling social and environmental conditions in mineral mines around the world. What’s more, they have acknowledged their responsibility for conditions in developing countries concerning the mining of metals used in mobile phone production.

When makeITfair first contacted electronic companies, they denied any responsibility for this stage of the global supply chain. But, as a result of our demands, some companies have now publicly expressed their commitment to improving the conditions for workers in mineral mines.  

Electronics companies have also started looking into their own supply chain to trace the metals being used for our mobile phones. It’s a major result that the international associations of electronics companies, EICC and GeSI, have started a pilot project to investigate the supply chains of minerals used in electronics goods such as tin, cobalt and coltan.

We will continue to follow up with these companies to make sure our demands are being heard.

Please join our new action to keep up the pressure – and help makeITfair for everyone.


What do we want from the companies? See our demands

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