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Time to bite into a fair Apple Read more about the facts, actions and results of the fairApple campaign.


Action on making IT green – to Nintendo and Microsoft
E-cards send to bosses at Nintendo and Microsoft calling on them to make IT really green!

Nederlands | Svenska | Suomi

Action on working conditions – to mobile phone companies
Postcard messages send to mobile phone companies calling on them to make sure that workers making parts for your phone are paid a living wage for a normal working week.

Nederlands | Deutsch | Svenska | Polski | Suomi


Action on mining conditions – to all the biggest electronic companies
E-cards send to electronics giants asking them to improve conditions for miners and workers at the bottom of their supply chain and to clean up their act when it comes to environmental pollution!

Nederlands | Deutsch | Svenska | Polski | Suomi


I want a fair and green phone

Signatures handed over to mobile phone providers asking them for a fair and green mobile phone. 7.000 signatures have been collected and handed over to the relevant phone companies. Dutch service provider KPN promised to offer a fair phone when 100.000 people ask for it.

Dutch | German | Swedish | Hungarian


What do we want from the companies? See our demands

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