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Make IT green and fair

This action has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Did you know that electronics giants Microsoft and Nintendo have come bottom in the last three Greenpeace rankings for the greenest electronics products? It’s time that these multinational monoliths took the lead in putting the planet and people before profits.

People like you who buy laptops, mobile phones and other electronics gadgets can make a huge impact on these companies by telling them it’s time to make IT green. Together we can make a big difference!

You can help to make IT green and fair for people everywhere! Make your voice heard today by joining makeITfair’s calls to action!


Dear Mr. Satoru Iwata (CEO Nintendo), Dear Mr. Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft),

As a consumer, I’m very concerned about the effect the electronics industry is having on the environment. That’s why I’m supporting makeITfair – a campaign involving young people across Europe that is calling on leading electronics companies like yours to put the planet and people before profits.

I was very disappointed to learn that Microsoft/Nintendo was ranked at the bottom of the last three Greenpeace ratings of the greenest electronic products. It’s time your company started contributing to change by making IT green!

We are calling on Microsoft/Nintendo to take the following steps to make your products greener: 

- Use fewer resources, and include more recycled metals

- Phase out as many toxic chemicals as possible from the production process

- Mine for minerals in a more environmentally friendly way

- Design products to have a longer lifecycle and to be upgraded rather than thrown away

- Make products easier to recycle and develop good systems for collecting e-waste, making sure not to dump waste on developing countries

Please send me more information about how Microsoft/Nintendo is tackling these vital issues – and how you plan to address them in the future.

We are counting on you to make IT fair and green for people everywhere!


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