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The makeITfair Rap!

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Video clips

makeITfair campaign

What a waste

Phony Equality

Action Day Video

Last Chance to Sign the Petition for a fair Apple

A bite into 'Apple' - official trailer

European consumers demand fair mobile phones

The Truth of the Apple iPad Behind Foxconn’s Lies

Shake-up Call for FAIR computers

makeITfair Youth Round Table 2009 - short impression

makeITfair Youth Round Table 2009

makeITfair & Good Electronics Roundtable 2009

makeITfair - CeBIT 2009 (german)

makeITfair video made on the MS international leader training seminar 2009

tag7 Gnadenlos billig Der Handyboom und seine Folgen 1/3 (german)

tag7 Gnadenlos billig Der Handyboom und seine Folgen 2/3 (german)

tag7 Gnadenlos billig Der Handyboom und seine Folgen 3/3 (german)

Other interesting videos

Digital handcraft - China's global factory for computers

Portrait of the process of computer hardware production. It displays the organisation of production in global value chains and investigates the conditions of life and labour for millions of migrant worker in China's factories, which manufacture the hardware for the immaterial production of the 21st century. watch >


Hidden Flow: The rising tide of European e-waste in West Africa

This investigative film produced by CI's corporate watchdog partner DanWatch reveals how a staggering 500,000 used PCs arrive in Lagos every month - 75% of which go straight to landfill. This is just the tip of the 6.6 million tons of European e-waste dumped on the developing world every year, despite international bans. watch >


The Secret Life of Cell Phones

About the threat posed by improper cell phone disposal, geared to the You Tube generation.  It includes BAN footage and discusses the recycler’s pledge of true stewardship, and provides an accompanying website with resources on how to recycle, sell or donate old phones. watch >


Congo's Tin Soldiers

The West's demand for Cassiterite is fuelling the killings in Congo. Militias rely on slave labour to extract the ore, forcing locals to work in sub-human conditions. watch >


Blood Coltan

Excellent film by some very brave filmmakers who meet rebels and campaigners in the coltan trade - essential for mobile phones and major contributor to the misery of eastern Congo (60 minutes) watch >


Connecting People (Norwegian)

Documentary about the lifecycle of a mobile phone.
Part 1: about mining watch >
Part 2: about production in China watch >
Part 3: about recycling and e-waste watch >


Nokia Workers

The video describes –in the voice of the workers themselves- the violations of labor rights perpetrated by Nokia and their agencies in a factory settled in the border city of Reynosa, México. watch >


video teaser telekom

Raw materials, but not at all costs.

In a conversation with Klaus Milke (right), Chairman of the Board of Germanwatch e. V., Volker Pyrtek (left), Chief Procurement Officer at Deutsche Telekom, explains how the Group ensures sustainability in its procurement management processes.


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