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New campaign activities in Finland

makeITfair is entering a new exciting phase in Finland; many activities from April until autumn

makeITfair is entering a new exciting phase in Finland. Pro Fair Trade Finland, together with its campaigning partners and FinnWatch, will launch a set of new campaigning activities in April, designed to bring the problems associated with consumer electronics to a wider audience in Finland. We will be targeting both young people through the campaigning activities, as well as older consumers through a collaboration with an established consumer-awareness theme week, also held in April. As part of the theme week, there will be a photo exhibition displaying pictures from the Bisie mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


There will be different campaigning activities around Finland, such as mini-performances visualising the supply chain from a miner to a mobile user via the factory workers. Other ideas include mobile phone ringtone mobs, as well as a virtual demonstration, where people can add their own photos with their messages to IT companies. There is a new Finnish makeITfair site for the new web-based activities, like the virtual demonstration, petition, and free mobile wallpaper downloads. We will also be collecting names for the petition and makeITfair campaign postcards at various events. The campaign will continue until autumn and will feature at various summer festivals too.



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