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It’s hard to imagine a world without electronic gadgets. We all rely on Information Technology-IT everyday. In fact, IT has improved our lives in many different ways. But it has also created many new problems around the world.

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As part of the Make IT Better campaign of Friends of the Earth, thousands of people have forced Samsung to confirm it uses tin from Bangka Island, Indonesia, where tin mining is ravaging forests and coral reefs, injuring miners and destroying fishermen's livelihoods. Apple almost certainly also uses tin in its mobile phones that has come from that same Island.

You can now write to Apple to be transparent about its supply chain and to encourage other companies to do the same:



Death threats against human rights defenders in DR Kongo

please take action - Prince Kumwamba human rights defender who has done reserch for makeITfair, and Georges Kapiamba, lawyer and human rights defender, have received several threats, including death threats, related to their human rights work since the evening of 3 April.

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IT must become green and fair

Campaigners are protesting at the opening of the ‘GreenIT’ conference at the CeBIT IT fair in Hannover. For Human Rights, Labour Rights and environmental protection in the global IT industry.

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Making IT fair in Poland

A research focusing on electronic industry in Poland shows that improvements of working conditions are very much needed.

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Electronics giants must take responsibility

Esther de Haan and Tim Steinweg, from Netherlands-based NGO SOMO, take issue with the story published in February about IT companies and metal extraction in Africa

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Young consumers are willing to pay more for fair electronics

Market research shows European youth wants companies to produce responsible.

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Fair Electronics 2012

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