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This is a WebQuest about your mobile phone. You will need an hour to complete this quest.

It's hard to imagine a world without electronic devices. We all rely on Information Technology (IT) every day. In fact, IT has improved our lives in many different ways. But it has also created many new problems around the world.

Nowadays more and more attention is given to the circumstances under which the production of goods takes place. Consumers have started asking critical questions about child labour and how the environment is protected. Maybe you have heard about child labour in Asian sweatshops, about people in Asia who are working unprotected with the poisonous chemicals that bleach your jeans, or people who work overtime for very little pay. But did you ever make a connection between these conditions and your mobile phone, for example?

Do you have any idea where your mobile phone, computer or MP3 player comes from? As a conscious consumer, it.s time to take a closer look at the whole production chain in the mobile phone market. How are mobile phones made, who makes them and where does the production take place? Conscious consumers pose critical questions to themselves, their friends and family, but also to companies and their policies.


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