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You have learned where and under what conditions mobile phones are produced and what might happen to them once they become electronic waste. You might have an idea what issues you find important/unimportant when choosing a new mobile phone. As a conscious consumer, you might want to know where your mobile phone company produced your phone: what will they do to improve the living standard of the workers in the mines and the factories? Ask your mobile phone company and demand the production of fair and green phones!

The Story of Electronics (8 min) is a brilliant movie, very nicely illustrated and is a good additional film to watch. It takes on the electronics industry’s design for the dump mentality and champions the idea of taking back products to spur companies to make less toxic, more easily recyclable and longer lasting products. The film explains that products are currently designed to be replaced as quickly as possible and the often hidden consequences of this for tech workers, the environment and us.



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